Tuesday, April 9, 2002

Faces of Over-the-Rhine

Torren "T.J." Partridge

        The streetcorner at Central and Liberty isn't a hangout for T.J. Partridge, originally from Columbus.

        It's a pulpit and a conduit for saving the neighborhood.

        A 5-inch handout from the Cincinnati Restoration Church on Harrison Avenue, like the those he's distributing, saved him from drugs and booze.

        "AA didn't help. Nothing did. Then somebody handed me a piece of paper and told me my life could really be changed. So I took it and said to myself, "Let's see what this life is all about.' And now I'm trying to help others," he says, flashing the M&M peanut packets he sells to support the church and "spreading the word" to idling motorists from a traffic island.

        Though he says the inner-city outreach group that helps men and women with alcohol and drug abuse problems "doesn't get involved in social issues," he sees the answers to our city's problems in Jesus Christ.

        "Just pumping thousands of dollars into the neighborhoods won't do any good. You still have the same issues.

        "The problem is not just with drugs or drunks. It's with non-relationship to Christ. People have to turn to God.

        "We need to pray as a nation, pray as a city to find Jesus and a solution."

-Joy Kraft

Faces of Over-the-Rhine
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Restaurant owner
Taft senior
Social worker
Sarah Center director
Jordanian grocer
Gallery owner
Beauty shop supplier
Teacher's aide
Dock worker
Police officer
Soup kitchen manager
School social worker
Medical student
Treatment counselor

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Changes since April 2001
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Q&A with Keith Fangman

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