Tuesday, April 9, 2002

Faces of Over-the-Rhine

School social worker
Joe Wilmers

        Welcome to ground zero Cincinnati: Washington Park. Protesters and police converged and clashed at this crossroad on the edge of Over the Rhine a year ago.

        And the children of Washington Park Elementary were watching. They were home for spring break, a ready audience for the frightening television coverage.

        Joe Wilmers was watching too. He had gone to Cleveland during the school's spring break and was shocked to see the building in the background on the evening news.

        Looking back, he remembers, in the middle of all the destruction and mayhem, Washington Park Elementary wasn't touched.

        "Not one window was broken nor word of graffiti written, and I never saw anything in the media about that," he says. "With all the talk about "mob mentality' and "behaving like animals' and all the damage that was done, (the protesters) had enough control to not touch the school."

        In fact, one of the other schools in OTR were vandalized during the unrest. Mr. Wilmers believes it was because children are a special part of the neighborhood.

        "They feel safe and secure here. I had parents tell me they were glad when school reopened so the children could return to their routines."

        The children don't talk about what happened. The teachers haven't brought it up. Getting back to the business of learning is more important. And Mr. Wilmers has a lot of work still to do.

        A steady stream of mentors stop at his doorway to praise the students. His already small office is made smaller by the worn-but- working washer and dryer, available for freshening little shirts and pants, and box after box of mittens, hats and clothing donated for the children who need them.

        "I enjoy tremendously being with the children of Over the Rhine," says Mr. Wilmers. "There are more hugs and smiles and handshakes here and the people who live and work here really care about them."

        Nothing's changed at Washington Park Elementary and that's the way they want it.

-Shauna Scott Rhone

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Restaurant owner
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Gallery owner
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