Sunday, April 7, 2002

Q&A with Thomas Streicher,
Chief of Police

        Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher marked his third year in the top job last month. He spoke with Enquirer reporter Jane Prendergast.

        What has it been like, being chief of this department the past year?

        ''Hectic. Busy. Challenging. To say the least. Frustrating. There's a feeling of frustration because there's so much time and energy devoted to these (U.S. Department of Justice) reviews and investigations that we normally would devote to the department.

        ''The department's been stagnated, just a feeling that I have that I haven't been here in the context that I would like to be. It was just a tremendous demand on my time. I wish I could've been in here working closer with the department this past year. We've just constantly been on the run, day and night.''

        Was it the worst experience of your career?

        ''I wouldn't call it that. It's been an experience, though. I can say that.''

        What do you hope the community takes from this?

        ''I think it's been rewarding to open ourselves up to all this. It's literally taken us apart piece by piece and put us back together. I think it's a bold thing.

        ''And I hope we get improvement as well as verification and credibility.''

        Boycotters continue to call for you to quit. What do you think of that?

        ''Everyone's got opinions on everything. I know and understand and realize that we're not going to have everyone happy at all times. I can tell you my plans are not to go anywhere. I'm not a quitter. I never have been.

        ''I'm still very committed to upholding my end of the bargain here. I hope that people can look back and say the department's better now than when I came in.''

        What can people look for in the next year?

        ''Challenges. Holding people's feet to the fire. I expect people to operate on a certain level. I intend to have that there. You stand and fall on your word.''

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