Can We Talk?
Differences impede honest discussion
It's now clear: Polite silence works no more.

Frank talk across the racial divide
Two days after Timothy Thomas was killed, 19 people from throughout the community came to The Cincinnati Enquirer to discuss race relations and how we talk with each other.

Guidelines for discussing race in Cincinnati
Tips from Eric Ellis, president and CEO of a West Chester management consulting firm that performs diversity training nationwide.

Hard issues are political - and personal
City leaders and citizens say we must have courage to ask honest, raw questions that get at the heart of our prejudice and perceptions.

'African-American': pride to some, division to others
The topic of race is so complex and difficult to navigate that even a seemingly benign tag like “African-American” can bear divisive connotations for some.

Akron program brings groups face-to-face
Talking about race is hard. But it can be done.