Sunday, June 6, 2004

Concern was for common man

Ernie Minor of Mount Adams had a rare perspective on Ronald Reagan as an early member of his campaign team.

"Ronald Reagan was a very unique person and had a huge advantage, which most people to this day don't recognize," Minor said Saturday. "He knew exactly where the American psyche was.

"His policies really involved less government; and the American taxpayer paid too many taxes. He thought government's main obligation is to enforce the laws, take care of the needy and support and defend America. He didn't vary much from those opinions all through his presidential life."

In the 1980 campaign, Minor handled scheduling for the family members of Reagan and vice presidential candidate George H.W. Bush.

After the election, Minor became part of President Reagan's Environmental Protection Agency transition team. He then was appointed a member of the President's Council on Environmental Quality.

Reagan's concern for the common man was ingrained during his early life in Dixon, Ill., Minor said.

"He was a president who cared about all things that had to do with what people mostly cared about. He loved sports, and he loved people. Most presidents today are associated with various special-interest groups. In my opinion, the only special-interest group Ronald Reagan cared about was the basic welfare of the American people."

Dan Klepal

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