Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Stock market game standings

Middle school individual team rankings

Standings as of Friday, April 16:

PortfolioTotal Return (1 week)Total Return (10 weeks)
1The Stockers (Lakota Plains)$154,615.38 6.0%54.6%
2$Money Maker$ (Lakota Plains)$150,212.61 3.8%50.2%
3The Lone Moneymaker (Lakota Plains)$149,120.29 1.8%49.1%
4Moneyfish (St. Dominic)$143,543.28 11.0%43.5%
5Pink Ladies (Lakota Plains)$141,863.78 5.9%41.9%
6The Corporate Leeches (McGuffey Fndn)$122,830.36 9.9%22.8%
7D&R Money Makers (Mt.Healthy North MS)$122,598.32 -14.7%22.6%
8Team 1313 (Lakota Plains)$118,553.61 2.7%18.6%
92 Hobbits and Bill (Lakota Plains)$117,412.88 1.3%17.4%
10Stockers (Our Lady of Visitation)$114,418.41 0.3%14.4%
11The Nameless (Milford Jr HS)$113,932.99 4.5%13.9%
123 Wise Moneyguys (Our Lady of Visitation)$113,479.22 3.9%13.5%
13Cash Crimes (Mt.Healthy North MS)$111,380.84 1.0%11.4%
14Moneymakers (St. Dominic)$111,125.48 3.3%11.1%
15DIE JECK (Lakota Plains)$109,802.68 -6.4%9.8%
16Da Stock Boys (Mt.Healthy North MS)$109,052.47 3.3%9.1%
17TKS (Cin. Country Day)$108,582.48 1.1%8.6%
18JAD (Milford Jr HS)$108,346.40 4.6%8.3%
19Spend-a-lots (St. John the Evangelist)$107,285.85 1.2%7.3%
20KILL CLEB! (Lakota Plains)$107,270.94 -1.3%7.3%
21The 3 M's (Miami Valley)$106,936.28 -3.0%6.9%
22KAR (Cin. Country Day)$106,812.42 0.2%6.8%
23Red Stocks (Mt.Healthy North MS)$106,428.60 0.7%6.4%
24Cheesy Puffs (McGuffey Fndn)$105,914.21 7.1%5.9%
25Big Money Stockholders (Mt.Healthy North MS)$105,613.38 2.1%5.6%
26Starburst (Lakota Plains)$105,167.62 6.5%5.2%
27Stocks or Us (Indian Hill MS)$105,108.10 0.1%5.1%
28The Purple Flamingos (McGuffey Fndn)$104,962.98 1.4%5.0%
29Fighting Salmon (Cin. Country Day)$104,744.90 -0.6%4.7%
30Ching-a-lings (St. Dominic)$104,605.45 2.2%4.6%
31Moneymakers (Indian Hill MS)$104,569.94 -1.7%4.6%
32MBF (Cin. Country Day)$104,529.07 0.4%4.5%
33Cougars (St. Gabriel)$103,997.23 -3.6%4.0%
34Datrks (Mariemont Jr HS)$103,833.04 0.0%3.8%
35DAWGS (Lakota Plains)$103,827.65 -0.8%3.8%
36Steel 'N' Stock (Mt.Healthy North MS)$103,621.02 -5.6%3.6%
37The Bankrupters (Greene Intermediate)$103,282.09 0.2%3.3%
38The Tim Burton Pirates (McGuffey Fndn)$103,095.73 1.1%3.1%
39Infinit & Betta'z and Chedda'z (Indian Hill MS)$103,046.95 -1.7%3.0%
40Team 147 (Mariemont Jr HS)$103,014.50 -3.2%3.0%
41The Break Dancing Brokers (Indian Hill MS)$102,993.69 -1.6%3.0%
42The Purple Koalas (Lakota Plains)$102,972.62 0.2%3.0%
43Team 1288 (Greene Intermediate)$102,741.54 -0.1%2.7%
44Bulldogs (Cin. Country Day)$102,625.98 0.2%2.6%
45Yugo (Three Rivers MS)$102,424.97 0.3%2.4%
46Rocky Road (Three Rivers MS)$102,183.96 -0.4%2.2%
47Stock Bling-Blingers (Indian Hill MS)$102,177.93 -1.0%2.2%
48Zastava 750 (Three Rivers MS)$102,112.05 -0.4%2.1%
49w3 PwNd j00 (Lakota Plains)$102,077.31 1.5%2.1%
50Billionaires (St. Gabriel)$101,991.60 3.3%2.0%
51Cavaliers 10 (Greene Intermediate)$101,986.04 0.4%2.0%
52The Aves (Greene Intermediate)$101,904.80 1.5%1.9%
53Team 148 (Mariemont Jr HS)$101,891.51 -3.9%1.9%
54Chiquita (Greene Intermediate)$101,890.49 0.3%1.9%
55Money Stockers (Greene Intermediate)$101,852.19 -0.3%1.9%
56Money Making (Greene Intermediate)$101,832.85 -0.5%1.8%
57The Spontaneous Traders (Greene Intermediate)$101,822.22 0.0%1.8%
58Dubin/Crombleholme & Underground Riders (Indian Hill MS)$101,801.74 -1.5%1.8%
59*StRaWbErRy PiE* (Lakota Plains)$101,741.58 2.7%1.7%
60Team 381 (Milford Jr HS)$101,624.43 0.1%1.6%
61Cha Ching (Greene Intermediate)$101,606.76 0.3%1.6%
62The MK's (McGuffey Fndn)$101,595.00 0.5%1.6%
63The Einstein Stock Smarties (Indian Hill MS)$101,519.17 -0.6%1.5%
64Enron (Fairfield MS)$101,453.01 -1.5%1.5%
65NASDAQ (Greene Intermediate)$101,436.83 0.2%1.4%
66Jameson's Jets (Greene Intermediate)$101,388.73 -0.2%1.4%
67Stockers (Greene Intermediate)$101,386.28 -0.5%1.4%
68BAG-A-BANK (Milford Jr HS)$101,331.61 1.5%1.3%
69Money Makers (Greene Intermediate)$101,329.65 0.8%1.3%
70Bearcats (Greene Intermediate)$101,297.51 1.2%1.3%
71Big Mac (Indian Hill MS)$101,240.17 -1.2%1.2%
72Players (Greene Intermediate)$101,222.38 -0.5%1.2%
73The Blue Dolphins (Greene Intermediate)$101,216.22 -1.8%1.2%
74Pocket Money (Indian Hill MS)$101,194.43 -1.9%1.2%
75Penguins (Greene Intermediate)$101,182.13 0.2%1.2%
76The K Annoyers (Greene Intermediate)$101,138.13 0.0%1.1%
77Four Chicks and a Dude (Greene Intermediate)$101,118.82 0.1%1.1%
78Money Honeys (Greene Intermediate)$101,071.78 -0.3%1.1%
79Da Lil Stock Ladies (Mt.Healthy North MS)$101,068.73 -1.0%1.1%
80Moneymakers (St. Gabriel)$101,049.00 0.0%1.0%
81Cookie Monsters (Lakota Plains)$101,039.58 0.0%1.0%
82Cash Money (Greene Intermediate)$100,982.70 0.0%1.0%
83Bubbles (Lakota Plains)$100,978.64 0.1%1.0%
84The Big Dollar Ballers (Indian Hill MS)$100,958.27 1.6%1.0%
85Tag182 (Indian Hill MS)$100,923.89 -0.4%0.9%
86The Crazy Monkeys (Greene Intermediate)$100,887.60 -0.4%0.9%
87Bucs (Greene Intermediate)$100,796.68 -1.1%0.8%
88Cowbusters (Greene Intermediate)$100,785.19 -0.5%0.8%
89Street Stock (Greene Intermediate)$100,735.69 0.1%0.7%
90The Internet Co. (Mariemont Jr HS)$100,731.80 -1.6%0.7%
91Big Greene (Greene Intermediate)$100,661.21 -0.2%0.7%
92System of a Disturbed Circle (Fairfield MS)$100,650.94 0.1%0.7%
93GC (Greene Intermediate)$100,645.58 0.4%0.6%
94L.A.Y. B. K. Mula (Greene Intermediate)$100,639.17 0.0%0.6%
95OLV Investors (Our Lady of Visitation)$100,618.87 0.6%0.6%
96Jomelromy (St. Vincent Ferrer)$100,612.79 0.2%0.6%
97Money Rushers (Greene Intermediate)$100,597.98 0.3%0.6%
98Team 1287 (Greene Intermediate)$100,580.17 -0.1%0.6%
99Tropical Stockers (St. Aloysius)$100,548.33 -0.9%0.5%
100Aves (Greene Intermediate)$100,547.07 -0.5%0.5%
101Sycamore 2010 (Greene Intermediate)$100,541.85 -0.1%0.5%
102Top Dawgz (Mother Teresa)$100,519.35 -1.2%0.5%
103Tatertots (Lakota Plains)$100,515.16 -0.5%0.5%
104Lakers (Greene Intermediate)$100,396.68 -0.9%0.4%
105Rock My Stocks (Three Rivers MS)$100,379.11 -0.3%0.4%
106Team 1217 (Greene Intermediate)$100,340.85 -0.1%0.3%
107Black Diamonds (Mt. Healthy South MS)$100,334.68 -0.2%0.3%
108Team 1290 (Greene Intermediate)$100,329.34 0.1%0.3%
109Team 1286 (Greene Intermediate)$100,264.88 -0.3%0.3%
110The Money Trees (Greene Intermediate)$100,259.80 -0.1%0.3%
111Broke Bankits (Greene Intermediate)$100,250.43 -0.1%0.3%
112Team 1289 (Greene Intermediate)$100,244.90 -0.6%0.2%
113H.G.O.I.H. (Indian Hill MS)$100,241.83 0.0%0.2%
114The Closing Bells (Indian Hill MS)$100,229.00 -0.3%0.2%
115Sycamore Stealers (Greene Intermediate)$100,224.17 -0.6%0.2%
116Stock Brokers (Greene Intermediate)$100,190.82 -0.5%0.2%
117Money Makers (Mother Teresa)$100,187.99 -0.5%0.2%
118The Narly Stock Dudes (Indian Hill MS)$100,186.60 0.3%0.2%
119CHARGE! (St. John the Evangelist)$100,180.73 -0.7%0.2%
120Cha-Chingaling (Greene Intermediate)$100,167.88 0.2%0.2%
1215 cent (Greene Intermediate)$100,119.78 -0.4%0.1%
122The Double Blondes (Lakota Plains)$100,089.38 -0.7%0.1%
123Stockings (Greene Intermediate)$100,089.15 0.0%0.1%
124TTBSC (Greene Intermediate)$100,084.44 -0.1%0.1%
125Four Peas In A Pod (Greene Intermediate)$100,060.69 -0.2%0.1%
126Stock Market Ballas (Mt. Healthy South MS)$100,048.02 -0.3%0.0%
127Westside Investors (St. Gabriel)$100,024.73 -1.0%0.0%
128The Conspiracy of The Dragon (Greene Intermediate)$100,021.42 -0.1%0.0%
129American Women (Greene Intermediate)$100,018.05 -1.0%0.0%
130The Fireballs (St. Vincent Ferrer)$100,013.96 -0.4%0.0%
131Stock Thinkers (St. Gabriel)$100,007.26 -0.2%0.0%
132Bankers (Greene Intermediate)$99,979.66 -0.1%0.0%
133Billionair Babes (Greene Intermediate)$99,972.37 -0.4%0.0%
134The Dead Radio Stars (McGuffey Fndn)$99,951.69 -0.1%0.0%
135Triple AE (Mt. Healthy South MS)$99,901.30 -0.3%-0.1%
136Ban Nerds Anonymous (Milford Jr HS)$99,888.12 -0.3%-0.1%
137Team 1213 (Greene Intermediate)$99,885.75 -0.5%-0.1%
138Profiteers (Greene Intermediate)$99,878.42 -0.7%-0.1%
139Tnt Money Makers (Mt.Healthy North MS)$99,873.98 3.4%-0.1%
140Larry's Browns (Greene Intermediate)$99,856.10 -1.2%-0.1%
141The Moneymakers (St. Vincent Ferrer)$99,853.06 -0.2%-0.1%
142Super Stocks (Indian Hill MS)$99,852.81 -1.3%-0.1%
143Billionaire Dollar Boys (St. Vincent Ferrer)$99,848.89 -0.1%-0.2%
144Mn'J Investors & Money Dawg (Indian Hill MS)$99,844.15 -3.0%-0.2%
145The Moneytrees (Greene Intermediate)$99,770.36 -0.8%-0.2%
146Rainbow Warriors (Cin. Country Day)$99,757.68 -1.6%-0.2%
147Business Women (Mt. Healthy South MS)$99,747.59 -0.7%-0.3%
148The High Rollers (Indian Hill MS)$99,733.31 -1.2%-0.3%
149The Magic Gumballs (Lakota Plains)$99,680.33 -1.1%-0.3%
150The Bling Blingers (Greene Intermediate)$99,584.60 -0.1%-0.4%
151Billionaire Boys (Greene Intermediate)$99,568.72 0.0%-0.4%
152Money Makers (Greene Intermediate)$99,544.14 -0.1%-0.5%
153The Money Makers (Greene Intermediate)$99,519.56 -1.6%-0.5%
154Stockjocks (Greene Intermediate)$99,515.50 -0.1%-0.5%
155Black Fire (Mt. Healthy South MS)$99,514.55 0.1%-0.5%
156The Great Depressions (Fairfield MS)$99,453.37 -0.1%-0.5%
157Shrimp Shack Shooters (Lakota Plains)$99,409.54 -1.0%-0.6%
158Rich Hobos (Greene Intermediate)$99,398.69 -0.6%-0.6%
159Carebears (Fairfield MS)$99,398.22 -1.0%-0.6%
160Lionesses (Milford Jr HS)$99,397.59 0.4%-0.6%
161Moola Makers (Greene Intermediate)$99,374.89 0.0%-0.6%
162Paul's Packers (Greene Intermediate)$99,288.30 -0.5%-0.7%
163Charlie Browns (Lakota Plains)$99,247.43 -0.3%-0.8%
164Wall Streeters (St. Gabriel)$99,179.14 0.2%-0.8%
165Triple Ns (Lakota Plains)$99,175.07 -2.1%-0.8%
166Vanessa's Vikings (Greene Intermediate)$99,129.74 -0.2%-0.9%
167Jordan's Jaguars (Greene Intermediate)$99,086.07 -0.4%-0.9%
168Stock 'n Roll (St. Aloysius)$99,031.16 -1.7%-1.0%
169Zee geeks (Lakota Plains)$98,991.22 1.4%-1.0%
170Bing Bling (Greene Intermediate)$98,950.74 -0.1%-1.0%
171Piraids (Greene Intermediate)$98,948.06 -0.7%-1.1%
172Team 1216 (Greene Intermediate)$98,904.41 -0.4%-1.1%
173Smarty Pants (Indian Hill MS)$98,860.47 -1.0%-1.1%
174Show Me The $$$$ (Lakota Plains)$98,848.23 -1.0%-1.2%
175Mean Green Money Machine (Greene Intermediate)$98,841.02 -1.2%-1.2%
176The Walking Stocko's (St. Aloysius)$98,768.83 -1.9%-1.2%
177Sonic Heros (Mariemont Jr HS)$98,725.07 -1.8%-1.3%
178The Rockets (Greene Intermediate)$98,723.80 -2.0%-1.3%
179Genius (St. Gabriel)$98,708.20 -0.9%-1.3%
180The Math Magicians (Indian Hill MS)$98,623.94 -1.8%-1.4%
181The Benjamins (Greene Intermediate)$98,584.12 -0.2%-1.4%
182The Stockers (Greene Intermediate)$98,558.89 -1.1%-1.4%
183rhinolove (Milford Jr HS)$98,544.40 -1.7%-1.5%
184The Coach (Mariemont Jr HS)$98,484.18 -6.2%-1.5%
185Gamerz (Mariemont Jr HS)$98,468.97 0.7%-1.5%
186Da Big Timer (Mt.Healthy North MS)$98,462.08 -0.2%-1.5%
187Dollabills (Indian Hill MS)$98,414.78 -1.7%-1.6%
188Stock Monkies (St. Aloysius)$98,375.82 -1.2%-1.6%
189Blue Flamingos (Greene Intermediate)$98,365.60 0.5%-1.6%
190Money Roaches (Greene Intermediate)$98,338.41 -1.3%-1.7%
191The Investors (Dun, Dun, Dun) (Fairfield MS)$98,094.98 -0.9%-1.9%
192CD Goobies (Milford Jr HS)$98,071.77 -0.1%-1.9%
193Soccer Chicks (Lakota Plains)$98,029.11 -1.8%-2.0%
194Your Libers (Mariemont Jr HS)$98,021.69 -1.8%-2.0%
195Pretty Boys (Fairfield MS)$97,999.53 -0.5%-2.0%
196Red Hots (Lakota Plains)$97,961.98 0.2%-2.0%
197Sweet Stockers (Three Rivers MS)$97,949.71 -1.0%-2.1%
198Fat Wallets on SlimFast (Greene Intermediate)$97,948.85 -1.3%-2.1%
199The PowerPuff Girls (Greene Intermediate)$97,933.81 -1.6%-2.1%
200Pink Ladies (Greene Intermediate)$97,933.49 -0.9%-2.1%
201LauraAshLizHeath (St. Vincent Ferrer)$97,904.77 -1.2%-2.1%
202MZ & MWWM (Indian Hill MS)$97,895.09 -0.8%-2.1%
203The Money Mamas (Greene Intermediate)$97,862.64 -0.4%-2.1%
204The Market Mob (Greene Intermediate)$97,853.67 -0.2%-2.1%
205money_makers (Mariemont Jr HS)$97,844.17 -1.4%-2.2%
206Red Team (Fairfield MS)$97,789.18 -2.8%-2.2%
2072RT (St. Ceclilia)$97,774.31 2.0%-2.2%
208R.I.S.C. (Indian Hill MS)$97,749.14 -0.8%-2.3%
209Red Dragons (Mt. Healthy South MS)$97,729.69 0.0%-2.3%
210Billion Dollar Money Makers (Mt.Healthy North MS)$97,500.41 -0.5%-2.5%
211Exclusive Money Makers (Mt.Healthy North MS)$97,352.76 0.4%-2.6%
212Crime Stop Investors (St. Aloysius)$97,345.67 -0.2%-2.7%
213MNC (Cin. Country Day)$97,325.10 -1.9%-2.7%
214Blabbers (Greene Intermediate)$97,285.37 -1.2%-2.7%
215The Pink Ladies (St. Aloysius)$97,189.97 -2.0%-2.8%
216Cincinnati Air Force Ones (Greene Intermediate)$96,974.74 -0.5%-3.0%
217We Poor (Greene Intermediate)$96,960.60 1.7%-3.0%
218Polar Bears (Greene Intermediate)$96,936.62 -1.2%-3.1%
219Funky Monkies (Greene Intermediate)$96,888.89 -1.2%-3.1%
220Anti-Money (Greene Intermediate)$96,806.27 -0.6%-3.2%
221Dolla Bills (Greene Intermediate)$96,655.91 -0.8%-3.3%
222The Bone Thugs (Cin. Country Day)$96,640.83 -5.7%-3.4%
223Executives (St. Gabriel)$96,633.36 -0.6%-3.4%
224Money Gettin' Females (Mt.Healthy North MS)$96,561.85 0.1%-3.4%
225Team 1372 (St. Vincent Ferrer)$96,533.91 0.0%-3.5%
226Moneymakers (Cin. Country Day)$96,433.44 -5.8%-3.6%
227One Man Stocker (Mt.Healthy North MS)$96,429.93 -0.1%-3.6%
228Cash Money (Indian Hill MS)$96,400.52 -1.5%-3.6%
229Lady Warriors (Mariemont Jr HS)$96,361.90 -1.7%-3.6%
230MSM (Greene Intermediate)$96,341.53 -0.6%-3.7%
231East Siyders (Greene Intermediate)$96,340.26 -0.8%-3.7%
232Big Stockers (Mt.Healthy North MS)$96,297.46 -1.5%-3.7%
233Razor Paintball (Indian Hill MS)$96,214.05 0.1%-3.8%
234Money Makers (Greene Intermediate)$95,990.67 -1.1%-4.0%
235White Team (Fairfield MS)$95,857.37 -1.4%-4.1%
236NALNYX (Fairfield MS)$95,789.47 -1.1%-4.2%
237Buckeyes (Lakota Plains)$95,689.02 -1.5%-4.3%
238Skellington (Lakota Plains)$95,347.65 -4.3%-4.7%
239KBNMSP (Mariemont Jr HS)$95,325.05 -0.7%-4.7%
240Dollar Dolls (Mt.Healthy North MS)$95,198.17 -0.3%-4.8%
241Tri-Stock (Indian Hill MS)$95,162.69 -1.3%-4.8%
242Enchanted Leprechauns (Indian Hill MS)$94,992.52 -0.2%-5.0%
243Sunkist Sweeties (Miami Valley)$94,708.26 0.1%-5.3%
244Team Re - Re (Miami Valley)$94,678.69 0.0%-5.3%
245Unkknown (St. Ceclilia)$94,367.05 -1.8%-5.6%
246Aves Corporation (Greene Intermediate)$94,271.24 -2.0%-5.7%
247New Hectors (Mariemont Jr HS)$94,015.28 -8.6%-6.0%
248The IP (Lakota Plains)$94,014.03 -4.7%-6.0%
249Wildcats (St. Gabriel)$93,938.76 0.1%-6.1%
250The Savvy and Proud 500 (St. Aloysius)$93,924.03 -0.5%-6.1%
251Osha 4ce (St. Aloysius)$93,612.27 -3.7%-6.4%
252The Boys (Lakota Plains)$93,536.37 -5.2%-6.5%
253The Bandits (Mariemont Jr HS)$93,336.74 -2.8%-6.7%
254ATM (Cin. Country Day)$93,215.12 1.7%-6.8%
255Inside Traders (Fairfield MS)$93,163.54 -2.4%-6.8%
256Money Makers (Miami Valley)$92,445.83 -4.4%-7.6%
257Westside Girls (Lakota Plains)$92,345.29 -9.0%-7.7%
258The Gilgamites (Three Rivers MS)$92,301.32 -6.6%-7.7%
259Team 1173 (Mt. Healthy South MS)$92,261.29 -1.7%-7.7%
260The Stock Stars (Miami Valley)$92,253.85 -14.0%-7.7%
261The Wolverines (Mariemont Jr HS)$92,246.86 -2.0%-7.8%
262Mighty Bucks (Greene Intermediate)$91,788.67 -1.4%-8.2%
263Barracuda (St. Gabriel)$91,681.25 -0.9%-8.3%
264AR Sisters (Indian Hill MS)$91,663.56 -2.1%-8.3%
265Stock Kings (Indian Hill MS)$91,517.20 -1.6%-8.5%
266Peanut Warriors (Cin. Country Day)$91,163.43 -5.0%-8.8%
267Tall But Short (Lakota Plains)$91,147.83 1.3%-8.9%
268M&M Money Makers (Mt.Healthy North MS)$90,970.41 -1.1%-9.0%
269Dough Boys Of Stock (Mt.Healthy North MS)$90,910.97 -3.2%-9.1%
270EDPRYB (Mariemont Jr HS)$90,836.74 -9.3%-9.2%
271Euros (Cin. Country Day)$90,668.67 -5.8%-9.3%
272Muskies (Cin. Country Day)$90,472.23 -1.9%-9.5%
273Moolah Muchachas (Our Lady of Visitation)$90,373.92 -3.3%-9.6%
274Dollar Bills (Cin. Country Day)$90,299.55 -2.3%-9.7%
2753 friends + Cooper (Lakota Plains)$90,241.87 -5.8%-9.8%
276Fire (Cin. Country Day)$89,896.07 -7.2%-10.1%
277aKa The beSt (Lakota Plains)$89,744.24 2.3%-10.3%
278The Razor Speedballers & L.T. Inc. (Indian Hill MS)$89,646.16 0.0%-10.4%
279The Stock Hunters (Indian Hill MS)$89,470.27 -2.0%-10.5%
280The Traders (Mt. Healthy South MS)$88,802.90 -1.8%-11.2%
281Demon Rich Boys (Greene Intermediate)$88,465.74 -2.9%-11.5%
282The Brokers (Greene Intermediate)$88,352.41 1.2%-11.6%
283Flying Money Bears (Cin. Country Day)$88,064.71 -2.9%-11.9%
284Money Makers (Our Lady of Visitation)$87,933.13 -4.1%-12.1%
285Purple Wombats (Cin. Country Day)$87,812.65 -1.5%-12.2%
286The Stockers (Fairfield MS)$87,317.43 2.1%-12.7%
287Discovery II (Milford Jr HS)$87,297.91 -0.6%-12.7%
288Inflammable Investors (Our Lady of Visitation)$87,224.20 2.4%-12.8%
289Red Devils (Greene Intermediate)$86,730.04 0.1%-13.3%
290Utterly Rich (Mt.Healthy North MS)$86,659.67 4.3%-13.3%
291Broke People In Uniforms (Mt.Healthy North MS)$85,433.81 -12.7%-14.6%
292Jama Stocks (Cin. Country Day)$85,142.33 -4.8%-14.9%
293Lone Star (Miami Valley)$84,936.12 -4.3%-15.1%
294Bullem and Bearem (Cin. Country Day)$84,690.15 -5.6%-15.3%
295Cha Chig (Cin. Country Day)$84,473.77 -9.4%-15.5%
296Million Dollar Money Maker (Mt.Healthy North MS)$82,374.65 -9.0%-17.6%
297The Stock Marketer Bryan (Three Rivers MS)$81,958.39 -9.3%-18.0%
298Hungry Hungry Hippos (Lakota Plains)$80,912.42 -5.5%-19.1%
299Funky Monkeys (Lakota Plains)$80,705.87 -20.2%-19.3%
300Top Dawgs (Lakota Plains)$79,464.49 -8.5%-20.5%
301$3 Bills (Lakota Plains)$77,869.59 -5.5%-22.1%
302Money Hungry (Mt.Healthy North MS)$71,975.65 -0.1%-28.0%