Thursday, November 25, 1999

'Dress A Turkey' winners

11th annual contest attracts 4,840 entries

        We expected Doomsday turkeys. “Top 10” turkeys. Historic turkeys. After all, our 11th Dress A Turkey contest was the last of the century/decade/millennium. But what we saw among the 4,840 entries were the gobblers Tempo has come to know and love: turkeys reflecting everyday life in the Tristate.

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        Yes, there were New Year's and Y2K turkeys, but there also were Bengals, Reds, stadium, road construction, Mike Brown (lots, all critical), Cincinnati City Council and high school sports turkeys.

        Pop culture icons and sports stars were well-represented from comedian cum movie star Mike Myers (Austin Powers), boy group megastars Backstreet Boys and kid-lit phenom Harry Potter to soccer player Mia Hamm, hometown fave Pete Rose (with stabs at NBC announcer Jim Gray) and Reds Gold Glover Pokey Reese. And what would this contest be without Elvis?!

        You used everything from sequins, glitter, ribbon, pipe cleaners and fabric to pompoms, seeds, charms and paint to gussy up our bird.

        We hope you enjoy feasting your eyes on our Thanksgiving Day treat as much as we did — and thanks to all who entered.