XU frosh gets 2nd chance

Friday, December 4, 1998

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Freshman forward Aaron Turner will have an opportunity to become eligible for Xavier this season.

XU Athletic Director Mike Bobinski said Thursday that the NCAA agreed to allow Turner to retake the ACT.

Bobinski expects Turner to take the test this month. Then it will be two or three weeks before Xavier gets the results.

"We're looking at a best-case early January determination," Bobinski said.

Turner, a Columbus native who attended Maine Central Institute last year, did not achieve the necessary test score to be eligible this season. But after arriving at the university, he was diagnosed off campus with a learning disability.

If he doesn't play this season, Turner can still regain a fourth year of eligibility if he earns his degree after four years.

Coach Skip Prosser would not comment Thursday on Turner's possible return. Turner also did not want to comment.

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