Friday, September 22, 2000

A rural Ohio community is devastated ... again

Xenia Church of God pastor Allen Gross (left) and Larry Bedwell pick through the remains of the church. Mr. Gross injured his ankle Wednesday night helping rescue children from the wrecked building. He also lost his church in the tornado of 1974.

John Swearingen recovers items from his mother Rosalie Swearingen's Conard Avenue home.

These homes were among 48 flattened by the tornado.

Logan Swearingen,12, looks at a picture rescued from her grandmother's house.

A strip mall center next to the West Park Square Wal-Mart took the brunt of the tornado.

The Green County Fairgrounds where a man in his 50s was killed when a falling tree hit his car.

The destructive path of the tornado can be seen in this aerial view. The tornado travelled across Progress Drive, at the bottom of the photo, to the West Park Square strip mall at the top.

Arrowbrook Baptist Church youth minister Earl Whitsel drags a piece of metal roofing from his churchıs yard as clean-up began Thursday.

Workers try to find salvagable items from a destroyed realty office.

Residents sort through the rubble of their homes on June Drive.

The tornado tore the roof from a storage facility where RVs and classic cars were stored.

Church members Cody Cooper (left) and Brian Ryerson examine remains of the sanctuary of the Xenia Church of God. Mr. Ryerson and Nikke Massie were scheduled to be married in the church two weeks from Saturday.

Cheryl Carter (right) hugs Bev Moore outside Mrs. Moore's damaged home.

The Xenia Church of God was destroyed by the twister.

Enquirer photos by Michael E. Keating, Glenn Hartong and Michael Snyder.

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