Sunday, April 4, 2004

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Section III: Personal Health & Life Style

How would you characterize your life style in terms of health: very healthy life style, somewhat healthy, not too healthy, or not at all healthy?
Very Healthy 207 36.00%
Somewhat Healthy 337 58.60%
Not Too Healthy 29 5.00%
Not Healthy 2 0.30%
Total 575 100.00%

Section IV: Access and Knowledge about Health Information


Paying the bills
The rising costs of health care have spiraled into a crisis.
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Healthy lives, lower premiums
Most favor penalties for smokers, fat people and those who don't take care of themselves.
Employers offer incentives
Editorial: Don't blame others

A common fear
These families share a worry about the cost of health care.
Small business owner
Young professional
Living with chronic illness
Union worker
Concerned senior
Retired executive
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